Jimmy Kimmel Demands America’s Kids Spray Their Dads With a Hose — VIDEO

While most dads were busy getting pampered during Sunday’s continuous Father’s Day celebrations, Jimmy Kimmel saw to it that at least a few poor schmucks would fall victim to one of his famous YouTube challenges. This time around the TV host asked the children of America to videotape themselves spraying their dads with a hose as a special Father’s Day treat. And as you can imagine, the kids were all too happy to oblige. But if Kimmel thought there wouldn’t be any repercussions to his devious plan then he had another thing coming. Be careful what you wish for, Jimmy!

Check out the video below and be grateful your child didn’t pull a stunt like this (you’re welcome, Dad!). This is how you can truly rain on someone’s holiday. 

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Jimmy Kimmel YouTube Challenge


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