Joaquin Phoenix Has Got Some ‘Splainin To Do: Late Last Night

The jig is up. After duping David Letterman and exposing him to the backlash of the giant ruse that became I’m Still Here, Joaquin Phoenix had better have a good apology. Well, I wouldn’t say it was good, but it was there. Joaquin calls his latest venture essentially reality television with good acting – yeah, he’s going to apologize but first he wants to make sure we all know what a great actor he is. Get to the goods, Phoenix. At least Letterman doesn’t take this crap lying down – the late night host deals out a few good punches before the interview is through.

And then there’s Betty White – who for some reason never ceases to be absolutely awesome. Seriously, it would be an understatement to call her the coolest old lady ever. Last night, she took a few moments to explain her relationship with Ryan Reynolds, tattle on Sandra Bullock for cursing like a sailor, and discuss her newfound affinity for the F-word.

Jimmy Kimmel predicts another Oscar nod for Jeremy Renner and the actor explains why he ditched his mom at the Vanity Fair Oscar party.


And last, but never least, Jon Stewart took a few minutes to chat up Ed Norton who isn’t afraid of Robert DeNiro or white boy cornrows. (What do we got, some sorta tough guy over here?)

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