Joel McHale on ‘Sons of Anarchy’: Not Quite Cougarton Abbey — PIC

Joel McHale on Sons of AnarchyFor a longstanding TV fan, there is nothing sweeter when characters of old and characters of new unite onscreen. To see Peg Bundy arm in arm with Jeff Winger on the set of Sons of Anarchy? That’s just gold.

Katey Sagal, star of the FX series and wife of creator Kurt Sutter, recently tweeted a picture of herself with Joel McHale, revealing that the Community star will be joining SOA for a multiple episode arc during the upcoming fifth season.

McHale is known for his snarky humor as the vain and painfully insecure Jeff on NBC’s Community, and as the host of E!’s The Soup. TVLine reports that in a much darker turn, McHale will be playing a conman (something he must have picked up from ol’ dad William Winger) who gets himself wrapped up in the dangerous world for which SOA is known.


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