John C. Reilly Talks Filming Love Scenes: Late Last Night

  John C. Reilly Talks Filming Love Scenes: Late Last Night

John C. Reilly told Jimmy Fallon about what it was like to film a love scene with Jennifer Aniston, which I bet is exactly why you even went to college in the first place. And I can’t blame you. The sheer possibility of that information being part of my curriculum was what got me to arrive at my 7AM Advanced Freshman Spanish class on time.

Jimmy Boy (do you like that? I’m trying it on for size) also talked to Justin Bartha about being in the Broadway play, “Lend Me a Tenor.” He says it’s great, blah blah blah, but he’s so handsome you should watch it anyway. But oh! Bartha also talked about what it was like to star in a play where the theater is right in the heart of Times Square, so when random people decide to try and put a bomb in Times Square, it can be crazy scary. So you can watch the clip to hear more about that, or you can watch it to just watch his hair. But it’s up to you. You’re your own entity.

Harry Connick Jr

is RIDICULOUS! You’ll disagree, but he’s ridiculous because he has three daughters, and he told David Letterman about them. It’s so ridiculously adorable I almost want to kill him.

Choosing two clips from Jay Leno’s show last night is hard, because I like both of the guests very much: Dennis Leary and Judd Apatow. Dennis Leary is great, but I feel like he’s so insane that if you asked him to sign one of the math tests you failed, he’d refuse because he wouldn’t understand what the point of adding his signature would be. He’s brilliantly insane. So this is the clip I think you should watch of him being that way.

And I like Judd Apatow, because he’s quietly smart and hilarious. His humor isn’t all hopped up on ‘roids or something, like Robin Williams. Apatow is an average guy who happens to be very funny. I feel like I could ask him to help me put air into my soccer ball (HAPPY WORLD CUP DAY!). So watch this clip of him talking about meeting Sarah Palin and his new movie, “Get Him to the Russian.” I mean “Greek.” Sorry.

And finally, you’ve entered the “World Cup” portion of this recap. Jon Stewart sent John Oliver to the USA team’s training camp to see if the Yanks are ready to take on the Brits tomorrow.

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Stephen Colbert also talked about soccer, but instead, decided to partake in a debate about the legitimacy of soccer with Marc Fisher and Mark Starr. I don’t know either one of those Marc/k’s are, which is fine. I still don’t know how I feel about soccer. I do know the first day of the World Cup isn’t over and I already feel the sound of those horns in my hair.

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