John Hamburg Sells Comedy Series To Fox

John HamburgFor me, John Hamburg is polarizing. Not amongst my friends, but within myself. I literally fight with myself about whether or not I like the guy. I stage debates for myself where I argue the relative comedic value of this guy. So far, after 4 debates, the verdict is still out. I mean, it’s a complicated subject. Sure, he’s made some decent films, either as a director or writer (I Love You, Man and Zoolander for instance as a writer), but he also has done shlock like Meet the Parents (all three of them) and Along Came Polly. But those are all films. His track record on television is a little better, if not a little cursed too. He directed episodes of cult favorites Stella and Undeclared so he has some great cred on TV.

Which makes me wary but not too wary (slightly wary? a wee bit wary?) about this little bit of news is Fox has bought a pitch from Hamburg for a new television show. This new show will follow a father and his grown son who both go through a divorce at the same time and afterwards move in together. This is a potentially great premise but of course there are still many many opportunities for this to get sucky real quick. We still need a script, cast, director, writers, and a pilot ordered among many other things so let’s try and keep our expectations realistic.

Source: Deadline