John Oliver Takes Over for Jon Stewart on ‘The Daily Show’ on June 10

 Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

When we learned the news that Jon Stewart would be taking two months off from filming The Daily Show , we didn’t know how we would cope with our fake news without him. Well, it’s sort of like that time when your sixth grade teacher went on maternity leave and you thought it was going to be awful until you found out there was a new fun substitute taking over in his absence. That sub is long-time Daily Show contributor John Oliver and he’ll be taking over starting June 10. 

Stewart will be off making Rosewater, the story of a BBC journalist’s trip to Iran in 2009 to cover the country’s elections. Yes, that sounds just like the light satire he usually dishes out on a daily basis. (That, folks, was sarcasm.) Oliver’s first guest will be Seth Rogen, so they lined up someone nice and easy for him. Stewart returns to his desk on September 3. It could be like a Bananarama song (a cruel, cruel, cruel summer while he’s gone) but we have a feeling Oliver will do just fine. 

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