John Oliver on Lindsay Lohan’s Correspondents’ Dinner Invite: “We’ve All Let America Down”

John OliverNo one who has heard about Lindsay Lohan’s invitation to The White House Correspondents’ Dinner on April 28 has received the announcement without letting their jaws drop to the floor. Unfortunately for Daily Show correspondent, John Oliver, was the one to break it to him on the red carpet at the second annual Comedy Awards in New York on April 28. And he was not happy about the news.

“That is the single saddest sentence I’ve ever heard,” he said, adding, “I think somehow we are failing as a society, each and every one of us, if Lindsay Lohan is a presence in that room. I feel like we’ve all let America down in a way that we’ve let this happen. I feel some responsibility … You’ve just broken my heart.”
Of course, Oliver hammed up his comments with his usual overzealous charm that we’ve come to love on The Daily Show, making a plea to reverse Lohan’s invite before it was too late. “This needs to be prevented from happening; we need to learn from the mistakes of history. We have a chance, right here.” Sadly for Oliver, that chance was missed as Lohan did arrive at the Correspondents’ dinner in Washington, and only sustained minimal attacks from host Jimmy Kimmel. 
Other Daily Show correspondents (and real life couple) Samantha Bee and Jason Jones added in their two cents. While Bee reenacted what the secret service might be doing once Lohan enters the building (“It’s go time, Lohan is here!”), her hubby explained how he thought the night might unfold. “Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan at the same table? Nobody stands a chance,” he said. “I don’t think anyone’s even going to be looking at the President … I bet Obama makes a LiLo joke.” Unfortunately (or fortunately) for LiLo, the POTUS’ target of choice was another tabloid darling, Kim Kardashian.

And while many of the Daily Show’s cast were appalled or entertained by Lohan’s attendance at the annual press event, Wyatt Cenac had a very distinct point to add into the mix: “She’s not a news a person, but the news does devote a lot of time to her, so by that logic she is owed anything. They’ve made a lot of ad sales doing stories about the minutiae of her life, so I think she’s probably earned the right to walk into any news establishment, eat anything out of their breakroom, and then vomit wherever she wants to.”

Luckily for news establishments everywhere and for America, Lohan didn’t make any such mess and her presence at the event did not destroy the country (as far as we know).

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