5 Things We’ll Miss About John Oliver Hosting ‘The Daily Show’

John Oliver was only ever meant to host The Daily Show for two months, while Jon Stewart traveled the Middle East this summer directing a movie. But he quickly made The Daily Show his own, infusing his droll British wit into the series. Now that he’s finished his run and Stewart will resume his hosting duties after the August break, here are five things we’ll miss about Oliver’s tenure.

1. His Ongoing Takedowns of Anthony Weiner

From his “Carlos Danger” dance to that ingenious moment he whipped out a dildo to illustrate the aspiring mayor’s exhibitionism, Oliver mined the most ludicrous story of the summer for its full comedic potential.

2. On Her Majesty’s Secret Cervix

It takes a Brit for us to see through all the Royal Baby hysteria.

3. His Willingness to Take Insults

Sure his fellow correspondents mocked him at every turn, but the moment that showed his true graciousness in being mocked was when Fareed Zakaria likened his hosting duties to a carefully-planned coup.

4. His Takedown of Bob Filner

Oliver didn’t pull any punches concerning San Diego’s mayor and the accusations against him that he sexually harasses his employees. “Ewww,” he said after seeing a headshot of Filner with some questionable dental work. “Is it possible for me to smell your teeth through the television?”

5. His Response to Russia’s New Anti-Gay Laws

Oliver made full use of Vladimir Putin’s many shirtless photos.

Are you happy that Jon Stewart is returning or will you miss Oliver?

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