Life’s Good for Uncle Jesse: John Stamos Lands ‘Necessary Roughness’ Gig and New Pilot

John Stamos Cast in USA's Necessary Roughness

Even just a couple of years ago, John Stamos was a punchline. He was remembered for only two things: being Uncle Jesse on Full House and the ex-husband of Rebecca Romijn. If he was lucky, he’d get a gig playing bongos for The Beach Boys when they’d appear on Dancing With the Stars

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Now, all that’s turned around, and Uncle Jesse has quite the full schedule. Stamos has been a recurring guest star on Ryan Murphy‘s NBC sitcom The New Normal (not to mention Glee). He’s also landed an NBC legal drama pilot for fall 2013 called I Am Victor, and now he’s just booked a season-long role on USA’s Necessary Roughness, as the founder of a sports and entertainment management company who will do anything to hire sports therapist Dr. Dani Santino (Callie Thorne) to his firm. Of course, Necessary Roughness is on USA because USA only has sexy shows about sexy people. The only mystery is why Stamos hasn’t ended up there before now. 

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