Johnny Depp To Guest Star On Ricky Gervais’ New Show

Johnny DeppThe big story here seems to be that Johnny Depp has forgiven Ricky Gervais’ off-color jokes about The Tourist at the Golden Globes and will make a cameo appearance on his new show Life’s Too Short. Come on, people. Do we really believe that Johnny Depp was upset that one of the most brilliant comedians ever was making fun of his movie? A movie that even he probably realized was silly and stupid and nothing more than an excuse to film in Paris and Venice? I don’t think he took it personally.

As previously reported, Life’s Too Short is another show from Gervais and Stephen Merchant in the vein of Extras. It follows Warwick Davis as a sort-of version of himself who runs a talent agency for other little people. Like Extras, it’ll be full of huge stars making guest appearances and that’s where Depp comes in to play.

Knowing that Gervais and Merchant were making another TV show was enough to get me excited, let alone the actual premise of the show. But seeing that they got Captain Jack to make a guest appearance? Now they’re just messing with me.

Source: Hollywood Reporter