Johnny Lee Miller Signs On To ‘Dexter’

ALTDexter starts up again in September, but the show is still bulking up its cast. Johnny Lee Miller, last seen on TV in BBC miniseries Emma, will have a recurring role in the new season as “a mysterious man who ends up tangled in a storyline with Julia Stiles.” Stiles previously signed on to the show as “a mysterious young woman who forms a unique relationship with Dexter.” So we don’t know much so far, other than that people will be mysterious.

Dexter, which is entering it’s fifth season on Showtime, follows the life of Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), a serial killer who works for the Miami Police force as a forensics expert. Along with Miller and Stiles, Southland’s Shawn Hatosy and The Tudors’ Maria Doyle Kennedy are joining the show, as a “bad guy” and new nanny, respectively.

We can’t even begin to predict how Miller will fit into the show, since his roles have ranged from sociopathic drug addict Sick Boy in Trainspotting to a singing corporate lawyer on Eli Stone. I hope they’ll find him a role more interesting than “semi-annual FBI agent who shows up to get suspicious of Dexter,” at the very least.

Source: Slashfilm