Jon Cryer Talks Charlie Sheen’s Craziness: Late Last Night

Jon Cryer told Conan he has to check TMZ everyday before heading to his job. Sure, we may rag on Charlie Sheen quite a bit these days, but there doesn’t seem to be any doubt anymore that he’s a real life version of his Two and a Half Men character — doin’ coke, bangin’ strippers, and drivin’ cars off cliffs. Wild thing!

Amy Poehler chatted with Jimmy Kimmel about how she loves Jews. But, more interestingly, she admitted that Rob Lowe and Adam Scott may have been added to Parks and Recreation cast because the previous ensemble was so ugly. And, oh yeah, turns out she used to be pretty ugly.

Frank Caliendo — remember him? the impressions guy — stopped by The Tonight Show to tell Jay Leno the same jokes that he did three years ago when he was much more famous. And, I mean, it was funny, I guess. Supposedly, his stuff is all over this new website on the internet called YouTube, and you can watch it all there.