Jon Hamm Is Jon Stewart’s ‘Freebie’: Late Last Night

Jon Hamm talked to Jon Stewart last night about his new movie, The Town. You will eat this and you will like it. I really have very little else to say about this. Other than you will eat this and you will like it.

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Jon Hamm
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Stephen Colbert talked to Joan Rivers on his Atone Phone, in honor of Rosh Hoshana. What did she atone for? Ugh, nothing. She takes the Jewish holiday about as serious as we take her fashion critiques.

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Atone Phone – Joan Rivers Calls
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Ben Affleck talked to Jay Leno about something he read somewhere, that said he had gray hair in his beard, and he thought it was so insignificant compared to everything else in the world that was going on. Must be pretty insignificant if he’s using it as a lead in to talking about his new movie on Leno though, am I right? I am right.

Julie Bowen of Modern Family talked about trying to get into the Governor’s Ball after the Emmys, and caging her twins like they were pies at an outdoor picnic.

Regis Philbin sang with Jimmy Fallon. Again, I really don’t need to do too much here.

And then Emma Stone helped him test out the shake weight. Man, my job is just writing itself today!