Jon Hamm Entertains Us So Elmo Can Work on His Art — VIDEO

Credit: PBS

Jon Hamm isn’t always playing a womanizing ad man or giving interviews about how he wants everyone to stop talking about his, er, God-given assets. Sometimes, he’s just Jon, palling around his his buddy Elmo, the fuzzy red puppet with a soft spot for sculpture. 

Hamm goes where many celebrities have gone before him, taking up a brief stint on Sesame Street and helping Elmo teach the kiddies a lesson about art. And that lesson is: Art is heavy. But Hamm’s cheerful nature while Elmo requests that he carry a handful of hefty sculptures to and fro while he crafts his masterpiece might just be enough to wash away our frustrations with a very flip Hamm during a recent Rolling Stone interview

Watch and resume your adoration of the bearded wonder that is Mr. Jon Hamm. 

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