Jon Hamm Watches Don Draper “What?” Montage On Conan: Late Last Night

Jon Hamm talked with Conan last night about injuries he’s suffered on Mad Men‘s set, and what type of superpowers a middle-aged Superman would have — like the power of handicap parking. Conan even showed him a part of the Don Draper “What?” montage.

Christine O’Donnell swung by The Tonight Show and tried to explain to Jay Leno and David Spade her thoughts on masturbation.

Russell Crowe told David Letterman on the The Late Show about his smoking past and the one time he — get ready — lit his pubic hair on fire.

Jimmy Fallon had Twitter inventors Biz Stone and Evan Williams on Late Night and they admitted that they initially didn’t like the user-invented term “tweet.”

Jon Stewart tried to poke the Queen of England on Facebook on The Daily Show, but got denied.

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Stephen Colbert gave Martha Stewart some cooking tips when he revealed his secret recipe — mayonnaise on bread covered in Kool-Aid mix.

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