Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert Extend Contracts: Five Reasons We’re Giddy About It

Jon Stewart Extends Contract at Daily ShowWhile we definitely read and watch real news, too (we swear), The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report are dependable respites where we can see the events of the day splayed out in a wash of logic and common sense. It sounds simple enough, but whatever magical formula both writing teams have concocted as a means of aptly and humorously dissecting the often mind-boggling events in our pundit-heavy world has become the gold standard. And we’ve yet to see any other television program match either series’ combination of truth, compassion, and brutal honesty (and all those gut-busting political pokes). So, it’s no wonder that when both Stewart and Stephen Colbert extend their contracts through 2015 and 2014, respectively we’re all a-twitter with joy. We know our four-times-a-week dose of sanity will still be there Monday through Thursday for at least the next few years. Need proof? Here are five reasons why we’re stoked that both comedians will be sticking around for a long time:

The Times When Stewart Pulls a Journalist Move
It’s not easy to get someone who’s done something wrong to sit down on your show and submit to an interview. It’s also not easy to conduct an interview in which you lay out that wrongdoing right in front of them and force them to comment on it. It’s more remarkable still, that a man who’s made his living in comedy shows himself to have some skills that even some of the best journalists out there are without, like Stewart did when he grilled Jim Cramer about his and CNBC’s bad stock advice.

Infallible Logic
Most recently, Stewart and crew have been forced to face the Dark Knight Rises tragedy and its accompanying issues, one of which is the debate surrounding whether or not the gun safety discussion should take place now or later. We could search high and low for think pieces and extensive research on the matter, but all it takes is one simple juxtaposition for Stewart to deliver the effective final blow.

Sometimes, a rogue news source falsely reports a celeb’s death. And sometimes, that celeb quickly corrects the false report by popping up somewhere, totally alive, or by releasing a boring statement along the lines of “Hey, I’m still here” to the press. They almost never go to the Colbert Report, allow Colbert to convince them they’re dead, and then deliver their own obituaries. Unless they’re Jeff Goldblum.

Stephen Sometimes Reverse-Scoops Anderson Cooper

Cooper outed Colbert for reporting a story about one man’s conspiracy theory about phalluses in the artwork of the Denver Airport six months after The Ridcu-List covered the topic. And Colbert got redemption as only Colbert could.

The Fact that Jon Can Always Rile Bill O’Reilly

Liberals and conservatives can agree, that no matter what side of the fence you’re on, these interviews are always, always compelling. And the fact that we can depend on them happening every year or so almost makes it a tradition. A mind-boggling, intellectually entertaining tradition.

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