Jon Stewart Comments on Costas/Sandusky Interview, Says What Everyone’s Thinking

jon stewart jerry sanduskySometimes I wish The Daily Show was live so we could get Jon Stewart’s commentary on the day’s events just a little quicker, but alas, great political sattire takes time and a room full of well-educated, capable writers. So, we had to wait a whole 24 hours after Jerry Sandusky’s impromptu interview with Bob Costas on Rock Center With Brian Williams to get Stewart’s two cents, but it was worth it.

I’m not really sure why watching Stewart respond to Sandusky’s “horseplay” excuse with a resolute “Are you f—ing kidding me?” is more satisfying than when I said it myself as I watched the interview live on Nov. 14, but it is. While we have to give Costas and his unrelenting questions all the credit for really grilling Sandusky, there are few things better than watching Stewart react emotionally and indignantly to attrocities like the “answers” the former Penn State coach attempted to deliver. Perhaps it’s because we know that given the opportunity to say these exact things to Sandusky in person, Stewart wouldn’t have changed a word, its inflection or his level of anger.Just ask Jim Cramer.

Source: Comedy Central