Jon Stewart Talks Rick Sanchez: Late Last Night

You may or may have heard about the little kerfuffle that took place (albeit indirectly) between Rick Sanchez of CNN and Jon Stewart. In a radio interview, Sanchez called Stewart a bigot and said CNN was run by Jews. What a Tasty-D-Lite! (I’m writing this in Microsoft Word, and the “said CNN was run by Jews” of that last sentence is underlined in green, which means Microsoft thinks I should consider revising it! Even Microsoft prefers a Dirty Sanchez to a Rick Sanchez!) Anyway, here’s how Stewart responded to Sanchez’s accusation last night.

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Stephen Colbert took time to hook us up with “The Word,” and it was about how we still can’t seem to understand not all Muslims want to kill us, and that we really can’t do the “oh, you don’t want to take off your hijab? Well pack your things – your new office is in the stockroom” thing much longer…as the people at Disney just found out.

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David Letterman’s top ten list was also in honor of Rick Sanchez, and it was the “top ten Rick Sanchez excuses.”

Jimmy Fallon talked to Morgan Freeman about his new movie, Red, which is about someone who’s out to get a bunch of old CIA operatives. But they’re old –the conversations they have on the phone have to be projected onto a screen if they’re to understand anything! Who’s going to want to shout at them the reason why they’re about to get shot at point blank range? That ruins the moment.

Josh Lucas was there, too. He brought a drink called the filthy pickle, which is a pickle shoved inside an olive that swims in vodka or something. Clearly he’s in search of a movie or a Sham-Wow gig to help him put Life As We Know It behind him.

And Will Arnett told Jay Leno about the new baby he made Amy Poehler have for him. He talked about while he gets to go to New York to shoot his new show, Amy’s stuck in Los Angeles with two babies and a dog. His excuse is that if anyone were left with him, they would perish and it’s much safer if he iChats with everyone while his kids are in the bathtub and the computer is sitting on the edge of the tub while it’s plugged into an outlet to recharge its battery.