Jon Stewart Talks To Muppets: Late Last Night

Longtime friend of The Daily Show show John McCain has had a bit of a falling out with Jon Stewart since 2008. So when Stewart wanted him on to comment on his statements about the Arizona wildfires, they had to settle for the next best thing: a Jon McCain muppet. Wait, I take it back. That’s not “the next best thing”, it’s THE BEST THING. Let’s hope that Jon Stewart gets a cameo in the new Muppets film.


Meanwhile, on Jimmy Fallon, Elijah Wood showed up to hammer nails into a stump. No, really. It’s not often that you get to see celebrities play drinking games on live TV (well, except for the Golden Globes), so enjoy it while you can.

Rob Corddry appeared on Conan last night, unfortunately not to apologize for his terrifying Children’s Hospital ads. Call me a “pussy” all you want, but you try taking the subway home at midnight with that devil-clown smile boring a hole into your soul, and see how brave you are.