Jon Stewart Will Face Bill O’Reilly Once Again

Jon StewartAlright kids, get ready. It’s that time again. Jon Stewart is returning to Fox News to go head-to-head with long-time network heavyweight, Bill O’Reilly. Both times that Stewart has gone up against the hot-headed news commentator, the result was wonderfully explosive – with each side relentlessly pelting the other with as many pointed questions as they could muster, and firing back with even tougher retorts.

As The Daily Show refuses to ease up on its criticism of the major news network, there’s no way that Stewart’s Sept. 22 O’Reilly Factor appearance and O’Reilly’s turn on the Sept. 27 episode of The Daily Show will disappoint.

Remember last February? The beloved political satirist entered Papa Bear’s den, and turned O’Reilly’s best attempts to corner him upside down, seizing the reins of the interview. Stewart dealt some significant blows, including calling O’Reilly out as the sanest person at Fox and capping it off with the caveat that being the sanest person at Fox is like “being the thinnest kid at fat camp.”

This time around, Stewart braves the wrath of O’Reilly in order to promote his new book, the not-so-cleverly named Earth (The Book), and if the past teaches us anything, this will be far more than just a simple stop on a book tour.

If you’re like me, the prospect of another Stewart-O’Reilly showdown makes you giddier than a little schoolgirl, but it also brings up a sizable question. Stewart’s done the O’Reilly thing already, and there’s another big name cruisin’ for a Stewart-style brusin’. Hello! What about Glenn Beck? The Daily Show only pokes fun at his antics in almost every, single episode. And Beck’s even game enough (or naïve enough – I still can’t really tell) to feature Stewart’s biting criticisms on his latest book’s cover. Come on, guys; how about a face-to-face debate already? Maybe someday.

Until that glorious day comes (if it ever comes), I guess we’ll have to settle for another round of the Stewart-O’Reilly face-off. No, it’s not ground-breaking. Yes, it has been done before. But, it was so deliciously epic the last two times, that I for one can’t wait to see what goes down this time around.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter