Joseph Gordon-Levitt Sings Karaoke With Jimmy Fallon: Late Last Night

Last night, Joseph Gordon-Levitt visited Late Night to perform karaoke with Jimmy Fallon. He may not be an expert singer…but he does a pretty good Axl Rose impression.

Seth Rogen appeared on The Daily Show to tell the true story behind 50/50, and how Will Reiser, the writer of the movie who based it on his own experiences, was more upset about his unsuccessful sex life than about his cancer.

Marisa Tomei showed up on Conan to complain about starring in “The Double-Fudging of Vanessa Del Rio” and attending George Clooney’s pool party where lake-jumping is mandatory.

Finally, Anna Faris talked to David Letterman about being hired for a frozen yogurt commercial because she was “chunky.”