Josh Holloway Looks Like a Badass in ‘Community’ Sneak Peek

Josh Holloway Sawyer Paintball LostWe still have to wait until May 5 to see the Community gang get back into paintball with their “Modern Warfare Redux,” but for now, let us oggle this singular photo of Lost star, Josh Holloway, dressed as some sort of paintball sheriff. Sure, it’s totally weird. Do we care? Nope. Holloway’s a badass and that’s all that matters. Besides, don’t you miss Sawyer? We sure do.

According to TV Guide, Holloway’s character is named Black Rider (that’s right, we didn’t just make that up based on the photo, though we probably could have) and we won’t see him until the second half of the two-part episode. He’ll show up and have a little encounter with Annie at Greendale. No word on whether or not this will be an encounter of the romantic nature, but I for one wouldn’t be opposed.

Alright, commence the oggling.

Source: TV Guide