Josh Hutcherson Has Very Polite Stalkers: Late Last Night

Many big name Hollywood actors have stalkers, but The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson has the most polite stalkers in the business. Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Hutcherson spoke of his most recent Christmas dinner at home in Kentucky which was followed—but not interrupted, because these people have manners!—by a hysterical family who has made a business out of Hutcherson’s face.


Good news for fans of Ryan Reynolds. If you ever run into the actor in public and just need to have him perform a scene from one of his movies for you, we now know a surefire way to achieve this: deny him pie. Last night on The Late Show, Reynolds told a story of trying to smuggle a carful of pies into America—which, by the way, is illegal—and having to succumb to the wishes of a border patrolman in order to do so. The officer’s movie of choice: Just Friends. And guess which scene he picked…

Chris Pine may be descended from mighty men—including pirates and CHiPs stars—but he’s not really accustomed to hard work, like waking up early, driving, and doing math. I guess a childhood filled with prank calls from Jonathan Winters doesn’t really prepare you for the hardships of bakery employment.

If you think Ellie Kemper is adorable now, imagine Ellie Kemper as a little kid, making her own horror movies with her sister and friend. The Bridesmaids and The Office star debuted her childhood creation on The Late Show last night, proving to us that her sunny personality is not at all an act – she’s been like that her entire life. Even when she’s screaming in fright, Kemper is just a delight.