Josh Lucas In Talks to Star in NBC’s ‘The Firm’

Josh LucasNBC is hoping to nab Josh Lucas as the new Mitch McDeere in their reboot of The Firm, you know, that Tom Cruise movie adapted from a John Grisham novel? Yeah, that one.

I would complain about the fact that first, the show is being remade unnecessarily and second, that it’s being remade as a TV drama and not as a movie, but I won’t. The show is already slated for midseason at NBC. It’s done. It’s over. There’s no use fighting it. On the flip side, Grisham is acting as a non-writing executive producer, so it’s got his stamp of approval (or he’s just hoping to make some extra cash) and they’ve got Law and Order producer Lukas Reiter as the new showrunner, so hopefully he can work some never-ending series magic in there.

He’s no Tom Cruise (and who is, really?), but nabbing Lucas would be a good way to give the show a fighting chance, plus it’s not like he’s really racking up the big movie roles these days. If the show actually works and is actually interesting, then this might be a win-win situation for everyone.

Source: EW