Josh Schwartz Sells Dramas to ABC and The CW

Josh SchwartzSomeone needs to open a rehab center for addictive dramas because Josh Schwartz and friends are unleashing two new pilots on the unsuspecting public. If they’re anything like his other successful shows – The O.C. and Gossip Girl – our collective will power is sure to be tested. Both ABC and the CW have tapped into the serial television wizard’s latest brain children in hopes of nabbing a rabid fan base.

First up, the CW grabbed Hart of Dixie, another small town drama to join all the ABC small town shows. It seems a little Gilmore Girls-y, placing a hoity toity New York City doctor into a small practice in a little town full of “eccentric” people. Schwartz has pulled one of his Gossip Girl writers from the team to pen the new pilot and he’ll produce alongside his usual partner in television, Stephanie Savage. I’m a little worried that this show is going to bite the dust amongst other similar pilots, but I also said I would never, ever, ever watch The O.C. but was I sitting there, shocked out of my mind when Marisa made her untimely exit? Yes. Yes, I was.

Schwartz has also sold a little TV magic to ABC in the form of a new show called Georgetown, which is a Washington, D.C. inspired show that follows the young people behind the powerful brokers of our nation’s capital. ABC and the CW have tried to nab viewers with the political, fast-paced feel of D.C. but never managed to sink their teeth in. With the drama king behind this one, they may actually have a chance to make this whole world look sexy and completely engrossing.

Source: Hollywood Reporter