Just What Are the ‘Revenge’ Characters Thinking in These Crazy Pics?


Every show on television rounds up its cast every year and takes a bunch of press photos for the coming season. They are often bland glamor shots, or ridiculous poses of sitcom stars hovering under the same umbrella (think the classic Seinfeld shot). The ones for the second season of Revenge are a little bit different.

With all of the characters in sexy outfits, the photos look like they were shot in a haunted house right before a series of murders was about to take place. Everyone is really moody. They’re moping in chairs and staring off into the distance like at any minute a ghost is going to pop out and chase them around the mansion until a dog jumps on top of it and rips off its mask.

This all seems quite fitting for Revenge, though drastically different from the sunny beach photos from last season. Still, I was wondering what was going through the characters’ minds while posing for these portraits. With a little telepathy, I figured it out.

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