Justin Bieber ‘All Around the World’ TV Special a Ratings Flop

ALTJustin Bieber fans, where were you?

Even though zillions of obsessed super-fans normally turn up to anything with the mere mention of his name, part one of the pop star’s NBC special All Around the World failed to make a ratings dent. 
In fact, it was practically a network TV bloodbath, with the Biebs taking in only 3.3 million viewers on Wednesday night. 
That’s less than Dogs in the City on CBS, which pulled in 4.9 million people (and no doubt countless canine superfans). And significantly less than So You Think You Can Dance on Fox,which had 6.5 million viewers. 
Part two airs tonight. Come on, Beliebers, he’s counting on you. (And to the Bieber haters, his recent oops-I-walked-into-a-glass-wall  drama plays out in the special.)