Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift are First Round of Celebs on ‘Punk’d’

We may remember Punk’d as the show where Ashton Kutcher promoted the ubiquity of trucker hats by sitting in a confessional booth and describing all the pranks he was about to pull on his fellow celebrities. Or maybe you remember it as the show that made Justin Timberlake cry and call his mama. Either way, the show is coming back to television waves, only things will be slightly different this time around. Kutcher will no longer be the prankmaster; while he takes a back seat as executive producer only, other celebs will take turns hosting and pranking their fellow famous friends.

First up? Justin Bieber (a natural progression, if you ask me) will host and his target will be none other than his good friend, Taylor Swift. When the show first staged a revival, the rumor was that Bieber would be the permanent host, and to many a fan’s chagrin, he’ll only be a guest host. Either way, it should be a good time. Celebs pranking celebs never gets old.

The show is already back in production and according to Access Hollywood, the first episode with Swift and Bieber was filmed on Friday. Any ideas on how the Biebs got good ol’ Swifty? My bet is that it’s something sweet and not that Punk’d at all. Seriously, that kid is just too nice.

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Source: Access Hollywood