Justin Bieber’s ‘SNL’ Promo Is Everything You’d Want… Unless You Hate Justin Bieber

Saturday Night Live - Justin Bieber

There are two types of people in this world: those who love Justin Bieber, and those who really, really don’t. (There’s no middle ground when it comes to this guy, is there?)

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So those who choose to watch Bieber’s Saturday Night Live promo video are either going to swoon over the 18-year-old pop star, who will serve as both host and musical guest this weekend (he appeared on the show back in 2010 as a performer and even popped up in a sketch with Tina Fey), or totally rip on him for that coiffed hairdo, deep v-neck that even Dave on Happy Endings would consider too low, and his general presence as a person.

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So, Beliebers, get ready. In the clip, the “Believe” singer does things like wear silly glasses and test out a new handshake with his “stalker,” Kenan Thompson. And non-Beliebers, consider this your fair warning, because in the clip (which also features a variety of puns with the singer’s last name and far-off cue card reading), the “Believe” singer does things like wear silly glasses and test out a new handshake with his “stalker,” Kenan Thompson. Watch and enjoy, kids. Or don’t.

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