Justin Bieber Screams at Cars in the Rain: Late Last Night

Last night, Justin Bieber appeared on The Tonight Show to force Jay Leno to try sushi, to explain his “pedestrian road rage,” and to describe his romantic date with Selena Gomez in the middle of the Staples Center.

Jesse Eisenberg stopped by The Late Show to talk about how even though he’s working with Woody Allen, his relationship with the director wasn’t always so positive. He recalls, specifically, a cease and desist letter he got from Allen’s lawyers when he was sixteen.

Heidi Klum paid a visit to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to show pictures of and talk about all the amazing Halloween costumes she has worn, including this year’s “Bodies” exhibit costume.

Finally, The Office‘s Mindy Kaling showed up on The Daily Show to discuss with Jon Stewart the wonder that is Sanjay Gupta, and how Kaling’s parents thinks Stewart is a troublemaker.