Justin Bieber Tweets @ Letterman: Late Last Night

Justin Bieber made his way through the thousands of screaming fans outside of the studio to do his interview with David Letterman last night on the Late Show. Turns out, this whole screaming girl thing is pretty common for Bieber, who goes to school for 15 hours a week and is in the 11th grade. Is that sophomore or junior year? Well, he doesn’t know because, um, he’s Canadian.

Adam Sandler talked with Jay Leno on The Tonight Show about his near-death experience that didn’t actually happen. No, he didn’t die in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland, so yes, we are going to have to continue to see promos for movies like Just Go With It.

Adam Scott stopped by Late Night and explained to Jimmy Fallon that in his new movie, his love interest is Megan Fox. And whenever he’s in a scene with her, he feels like all men do when they stand next to beautiful women — covered in diarrhea. (Also, let’s just take a moment to say one thing: WATCH PARKS AND RECREATION, THURSDAYS AT 9:30/8:30c ON NBC.)