Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Rap Together: Late Last Night

Justin Timberlake went on Jimmy Fallon last night to talk about his new movie, The Social Network. But we already know the writing is great, it’s got the new girl in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in it, somebody sets a fire in their dorm room and two really handsome twins get really pissed off. It’s time to go to the movies! It’s all well and good. But the best part of last night’s interview was when Justin and Jimmy performed the history of rap.

Here’s the interview he did before he performed, if you think rap is lame.

And veteran actor, Diane Lane, also has a movie coming out about a horse called Secretariat who runs in a few races here and there. She went on Leno to talk about how she stayed out of trouble so she could have a career long enough to land a role in a film like Secretariat.

And here are some animals that were made to do their monkey tricks without their proper treats (because the right ones were left on the plane).

David Letterman told Jesse Eisenberg how he thought he did a tremendous job in The Social Network, and asked him if he’s in any way similar to the real Mark Zuckerberg.

Jon Stewart showed us how awesome it is when Barack Obama comes to speak at your college campus because he really tries to get down on the your level, and the way he does this is by talking about slushies. Somebody’s been watching some Glee-eeee.

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And Stephen Colbert argued the more rights we give away, the less rights we’ll have for ourselves, and he explored this concept in his most popular segment, The Word. Does he know the exact same thing happens when you’re at the movies and you get gummi bears for yourself but you friend keeps asking for them and you don’t want to be rude and you really want to share but YOU were the one that bought them so you’re the one who deserves to get most of the bears?

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