Justin Timberlake Is An Old Guy: Late Last Night

Holy crap. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE IS 30 YEARS OLD. My whole reality was shifted with that realization. I’ve been lusting after the guy since I was 13 years old and now he’s THIRTY. Apparently, that realization was an issue for him too because he spend a big chunk of his interview with Jay Leno talking about it. Of course with age comes responsibility…and possibly fatherhood?!

The adorable Selena Gomez stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon to try some of Jimmy’s new ice cream, Late Night Snack (that’s the one with potato chips covered in chocolate). Of course, Jimmy just hands her a bowl and doesn’t warn her what’s in it. Good thing there isn’t such a thing as a potato chip allergy…right?

Jason Segel chatted with Dave Letterman about going to “shi-shi” high school and getting discovered by a Paramount’s president of casting when he was in a little ol’ high school play. But apparently, even a Hollywood moment like that can’t beat out James Van Der Beek in 1999. Oh well, look who’s super awesome now. Van Der Beek’s famous for crying and Segel is famous for being generally hilarious and adorable. Winner: Segel.