Justin Timberlake on SNL: The Skits You Missed

There are a few people whose presence on SNL is almost always a guaranteed great episode. People like Alec Baldwin, Steven Martin, Bill Murray and Christopher Walken always mean an hour and a half of good comedy. They’re also all part of a little thing called the “Five-Timers Club” which is an elite group of funny people, musicians, and actors who’ve been on the show five or more times. With last night’s hosting gig, not only did Justin Timberlake send this SNL season out with a bang, he sent it out with his fifth time on the show, officially joining the long line of five-timers that includes the comedians mentioned up top and even some people like Dave Grohl, Tom Hanks, and Drew Barrymore. What better way to celebrate this momentous occasion than with a rundown of the best sketches from last night? There were quite a few good ones, but we’ve boiled it down to the best of the best.

No, JT didn’t use the monologue as an opportunity to announce his official return to music as I’ve been hoping he would for a few years now, in fact, he put his foot down. He’s done with that. He’s not going sing. He really isn’t. Stop asking him to sing. He really won’t. Unless you keep asking. Then he might have to sing. But he won’t like it. Okay, maybe a little.

Now, this also doesn’t count as singing because it’s in character, okay? From the duo that brought you the hit Christmas song, “D*ck in A Box,” and the Mother’s Day classic, “Mother Lovers,” comes the brand-new, equally tasteless single, “3-Way (the Golden Rule). It features an ultra trashy Lady Gaga, a bed, and the aftermath of some Mother Loving. Enjoy.

Continuing on in our recap of excellence, Jimmy Fallon stopped by towards the end of the evening to give Justin a hand in reviving one of my favorite old sketches, The Barry Gibb Talk Show. And it was glorious because he’s Barry-EFFING-GIBB.

Finally, because it’s the finale and because a Justin Timberlake-hosted episode can’t be boiled down to just three must-see videos, I’d like to end on a video you won’t find on the Hulu or NBC online versions of the episode, probably due to a song-rights issue. This time, the recurring store mascot skit featured Kristen Wiig, Lady Gaga and copious jokes about tea-bagging. Apparently, with JT in the picture, this never gets old.