Justin Timberlake Returns to His Musical Side: Late Last Night

Last night, Justin Timberlake brought his old musical self back to us for a brief moment (and oh, how we miss it) on The Late Show to perform a quick example of what life would be like if it were a Broadway musical.

On The Tonight Show, Harold and Kumar stars John Cho and Kal Penn stopped by to talk about their own real-life run ins with airport security—but Kal Penn’s experiences with profiling have changed quite a bit since he became famous—and how much like theri movie characters they are like in real life.

Salma Hayek joined Jimmy Fallon in a game of beer pong on Late Night…although she seemed a little confused by the “pong” part at first, she really warmed up to it once the “beer” aspect became involved.

Finally, Jane Lynch appeared on Conan to compare visiting her sculpture in the wax museum to attending her own funeral, to show a clip of the Jersey Shore cast’s outtakes from the Emmys skit she worked on with them, and to explain how many of the parts she takes in movies were originally written for men.