Justin Timberlake’s Awesome ‘SNL’ Promo Will Leave You Seeing Double


Do not adjust your screens: there are multiple Justin Timberlake looking back at you. In fact, don’t worry that your eyes are playing trick on you all week, you’ll be seeing a whole lot of the actor/singer/newlywed/Saturday Night Live host hall of famer.

Before kicking off his week-long stint on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the star will be pulling double duty as host and musical guest on this weekend’s episode of SNL. It will mark the fifth time that Timberlake will serve as host and third time as musical guest. (The full-court promotional press is in advance of the March 19th release of his long-awaited album The 20/20 Experience). 

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In anticipation of the bound-to-be-great episode (seriously, the guy does no wrong on this show?) NBC released Timberlake’s promo and it’s just as silly and adorable as Mr. Suit and Tie himself. Appearing in the clip with cast member Kenan Thompson, Timberlake’s bits are self-effacing (he can’t say Saturday Night Live and instead blurts “Friday Night Pie?!”) and advancing what science has been working on for years: multiple Timberlakes performing multiple tasks! If I knew it was possibly, I might have paid more attention in chemistry. 

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Watch the promo video below, and whatever you do, don’t forget to wear your suit and tie. You don’t want to have egg all over your face! 

[Photo credit: NBC]

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