KA-BOOM! Michael Bay Gets Pilot Order from A&E

Michael BayWhen you think of director Michael Bay, what’s the first thing you think of, usually? Big, hulking explosions in 3D IMAX, perhaps? Us, too! So you’ll be just as curious as to how that Michael Bay will translate to the small screen, since A&E announced they’re doing just that. Yep. Bay has received a cast-contingent pilot order for a new supernatural crime drama, according to Deadline.

The show is called Occult and will be written by The X-Files‘ former writer James Wong and produced by Bay. Word on the street (Monster Street! I’ll be here all night, folks) is that the show follows an FBI agent who–after being on administrative leave because of a wife-gone-missing mental breakdown–gets paired with an agent who specializes in the (you guessed it!) occult. Together, they form an occult crimes task force, because that is a thing that people need in this show’s universe! The duo will solve crimes that also go bump in the night!

Hey, A&E, just wondering what your special effects budget is because if you’re working with Bay, you’re going to need to…quadruple it? Maybe more? Because what is a Bay production without a lot of crash-bang-boom! You know?

[Photo Credit: WENN.com]

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