Kal Penn To Guest On ‘How I Met Your Mother’

kal pennThe big story here seems to be how Kal Penn, who worked in the White House for the Office of Public Engagement, is returning to television for a multi-episode arc on How I Met Your Mother. That’s a fine story to push. After all, Penn did leave a pretty solid career in acting to work for Obama (the only break he took was to film A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas) and this is his return to television where he used to star in House.

But they’re overlooking the bigger story! Penn’s character will have a fling with Robin. Who is in love with Robin? Barney! Who plays Barney? Neil Patrick Harris! Guess who plays Neil Patrick Harris in all the Harold and Kumar movies that also happen to star Penn? Neil Patrick Harris! See where I’m going with this? Considering their fairly LOST heavy referencing when Jorge Garcia guest starred, Penn and Harris’ prior work together is bound to get referenced. Add this to Conan’s extra appearance and this is looking to be one hell of a year for HIMYM.

Source: Vulture