Kate Gosselin Visits Sarah Palin In Alaska

SOMETHING UNMISTAKABLE HAPPENED on Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night. Kate Gosselin questionably dragged her eight children to visit to the state that Palin notes as so extremely populated with firearms that walking down an Alaskan street and seeing someone with an AK-47 is as common as a New Yorker toting a BlackBerry. In other words, AN EXCELLENT VACATION SPOT FOR A SINGLE MOM! Ha. No, but yes.Yes! Gosselin has eight kids! Not so questionably then!

Anyway, Kate took her kids on a camping trip with Sarah and her family, and complained the whole time. She said she didn’t understand why people would be willing to pretend to be homeless by eating moosemeat hotdogs and letting mosquitos bite them on their faces. She also voiced her frustration that her nineteen layers of clothes weren’t keeping her warm and she completely checked out. This resulted in Sarah teaching the Gosselin kids how to make smores, and making hamburgers for them, and basically being a goddess of children while Kate moped and sulked and cried about how everything was ridiculous while the rustic Palin kids laughed at her complaining about the lack of utensils and Purell.

But the best part was when Kate decided she was going to leave and she went around asking her children if they wanted to stay or go back to Foxwoods, or whatever. Most of the kids said they were having fun, and Kate proceeded to tell them they were no longer Gosselins because she wanted to go. The truth is Kate made Sarah look like a really great mother, which I know she decidedly is not because she believes a crate that is meant to keep dogs from climbing the stairs they can’t climb can also keep her daughter’s boyfriend downstairs and out of her room. That’s gotta mean that Gosselin is, like, Julie Taymor or something.