Kate Middleton and Her Sister Pippa Earn ‘E! True Hollywood Story’

Kate and Pippa Middleton True Hollywood StoryYou know you’re famous when: strange men sneak through your bushes with telephoto lenses to snap one measly picture of you cleaning up after your dog with a Target bag. You know you’re famous when: you stumble to the coffee shop in sweats and sunglasses in hopes of garnering your favorite breakfast sandwich and a double red-eye to cure your massive hangover and end up in the “see! she doesn’t wear make-up sometimes” section of a gossip magazine. You know you’re famous when: you get your own E! True Hollywood Story.

Then again, even if you’re sharing it with your sister, like Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa are, it’s still a pretty good indicator that you’ve made it to the big leagues. On Oct. 12 at 10 p.m. ET/PT Kate and Pippa will find themselves at the center of the entertainment channel’s latest installment of the melodramtic docu-series. It seems that marrying a prince and being the interestingly-dressed sister of the girl who married a prince are the final pieces of the earn-a-true-Hollywood-story puzzle.

The special will explore their upbringing, their sisterly bond, their experience throughout Kate’s courtship, and hopefully a bit of detail on why Pippa is almost as famous as her royal sister. (I mean, we get that she’s got a nice rear end, but y’all do know we’ve got folks like Jennifer Lopez, Christina Hendricks and Kim Kardashian running around this planet too, right?)

Will you tune in to get the backstory on the famous sisters?

Source: HuffPo