Kate Walsh Confirms ‘Private Practice’ Departure: An Ode To Addison

kate walsh, bethenny frankelSince Kate Walsh made her debut as Addison Montgomery-Shepherd on Grey’s Anatomy back in 2005, America has been unable to resist her charms. Between her hardcore surgeries and fiery red hair, Walsh’s character became a prominent and beloved member of the medical drama family, which continued even after she switched over to Private Practice in 2007. But, unfortunately, Dr. Montgomery’s reign will officially come to an end after next year.

During a Wednesday interview on Bethenny Frankel’s new talk show Bethenny, Walsh announced that the upcoming sixth season of Private Practice would be her last. “This is my last season for Private Practice,” the 44-year-old actress confirmed. “It’s been an incredible journey and amazing ride. I’m hugely, hugely grateful.”

Rumors started spreading in May about Walsh’s imminent departure from the Grey’s Anatomy spinoff, and now that it’s true, we can’t help but feel remorseful. So as a way to mourn the loss of our dearly beloved doctor, we’ve created an ode (more or less) entirely in her honor, just to show how much we’re going to miss her. Enjoy the creative limericks of a Wednesday afternoon:

Addison Montgomery was a doctor like no other,

Who had the extraordinary gift of turning patients into mothers.

Though she was previously married to the man we call McDreamy,

She occasionally enjoyed hooking up with the oh-so-sexy McSteamy.

Always the dedicated doctor, Addison was on call night and day,

Even if it meant risking a run-in with her hubby’s mistress, Meredith Grey.

And when the time came that a transfer was in order,

She decided to take up residence along the California border.

For over seven years now, this girl has been a cut above the rest,

So there’s nothing else to be said right now except: Addison, you’re the best!

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