Kate Walsh Denies Reports of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Unrest

Grey’s Anatomy star Kate Walsh insists everything is fine on the set of the hit TV show one week after costars Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington got into a fight.

The pair nearly came to blows on Oct. 10 during a spat over shooting issues on the series.

Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Montgomery-Shepherd on the show, claims it’s back to business as usual on the set.

She explains, “We’re all good. They had a squabble. I actually wasn’t there that day.

“I can tell you that we were shooting in Seattle just a week ago. All I know is I was there for one scene and there was no one there.

“And then the guys were there, both Isaiah and Patrick, doing their stuff, and there were literally throngs of women, like 300 women, and everybody was going crazy. It’s all good.”

Walsh is grateful that she wasn’t involved in the scuffle, adding jokingly, “I have big peasant hands. Who knows what I’m capable of.”

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