Katherine Heigl Smokes Fake Cigarettes: Late Last Night

Katherine Heigl, star of the highly anticipated Life As We Know It, revealed to David Letterman how she’s trying to quit smoking – which is by smoking an electronic cigarette that contains nicotine. Someone send this woman to Harvard for proving you can quit an addiction by continuing to do it!

Lauren Graham went on Leno and talked about how everyone keeps coming up to her and asking her what filming Scream 4 is like, even though she’s not filming Scream 4 anymore because the filming dates changed and it conflicted with her television show (Parenthood). She then tried to make a scary face for the audience, and I think it’s safer we conclude that producers just decided to write her character out of the movie entirely.

Lauren Graham was followed by the person who would become my most favorite person should Brian Williams die in a segway accident: Vanilla Ice! He told Leno about his exotic pets, such as a kangaroo who grew up with a goat as his pal. He also has a new show coming out, where he flips houses.

Andrew Garfield went on Fallon to discuss his new movie, The Social Network, where he plays Eduardo Saverin, the co-creator of Facebook who was born in Brazil and raised in Miami and then went to college with Mark Zuckerberg.

Susan Sarandon also went on Fallon to talk about the bar she opened in honor of her new ping pong playing boyfriend, who apparently she thinks is cooler than the guy who played an innocent man who spent decades in prison and then escaped by creating a new identity for himself and framing the warden who refused to believe he was innocent.

Jon Stewart asserted that Stephen Colbert destroyed comedy when he went to Congress and testified about immigration and farm workers, and was thankful that now Congress can get back to doing what he does best (which is try and steal the Rally to Restore Sanity’s thunder).

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And Bill O’Reilly said he refused to attend Stewart’s rally. Shocker.

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And fresh after testifying, Stephen Colbert explained how homosexuals having to lie about their sexual orientations is really the best way they can prepare for top-secret military missions.

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