Katherine Heigl Talks ‘Knocked Up’ Audition: Late Last Night

Katherine Heigl recently admitted she talks too much and says too many things that are repulsive and ungrateful for the fact she has a career that has surpassed her old one of being photographed in underwear that would be plastered up at a bus stop. Last night she appeared on Leno, and said how great it was to film a movie with Josh Duhamel because it meant Fergie concerts. But what did she have to say about the movie she previously said was sexist and, you know, put a sore on the spot of men’s brains that made them incapable of respecting women?

And here’s Jackass Wee-Man trying to kick himself in the head in hopes it’ll make you want to go see Jackass 3D and win some guy in the audience a dinner.

Jimmy Fallon had Emma Roberts on his show, and she is so young I confuse her with the baby penguins that hardly ever emerge from the comfort of their mothers’ pouches because they’re too skinny to walk the 5,000 miles to Thelma and Louise’s crash site. Does she look like she hates Emma Stone or what?

Stephen Colbert

talked to David Letterman about what it was like to pretend to be a Republican in front of a bunch of real Democrats when he testified before Congress.

Jon Stewart talked about the foreclosure crisis, and how the banks read the terms of the crappy mortgages they were handing out about as seriously as I read Little House On the Prairie each night, without having to miss Marc Summers on What Would You Do?

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Foreclosure Crisis
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Stephen Colbert told us about Proposition 19, which is the legalization of marijuana. It says anyone over 21 has the right to possess one ounce of weed, which is enough to roll 60 joints. SO STOP APPLYING TO JOBS ALREADY.

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