Katie Couric Got Totally Hammered: Late Last Night

Katie Couric stopped by The Tonight Show and talked with Jay Leno about her departure from live news and how she just got totally blasted after her final broadcast. We’re talkin’ tequila, karaoke, out past 4 a.m., the whole works! Seriously. This is Katie Couric we’re talking about. Drunk. Singing karaoke. That’s gotta make you smile, at least a little bit.

Meredith Vieira talked on The Late Show with David Letterman about her career and what it was like to leave — and how she suspiciously ended her time at the exact same time as Katie Couric. Dave, of course, points that out. What’s up with that, Meredith?

Kathie Lee Gifford chatted on Late NIght with Jimmy Fallon about her experience as a children’s book author and was sure to note that Fallon’s book Thank You Notes was just a big piece of crap. Also, it’s apparent now why Kathie Lee left Regis all those years ago — because they’re basically the exact same person. Hey!

Ice-T stopped by Conan and talked about his new book and what it was like to make the transition out of a criminal lifestyle. The catalyst? Well, dude was just too famous to steal!

Stephen Colbert had a few words for Anthony Weiner regarding the Weinergate scandal — and the main conclusion for Stephen was that, hey, he’s Weiner’s age. There’s no way he could ever get his chest to Weiner’s level. It’s time to just let himself go and get really, really fat.