Katy Perry’s Answer To The Elmo Controversy

Katy “Too Bodacious for Little Kids” Perry used her stint on Saturday’s SNL premiere to joke about the controversy over the dress she wore in a shelved guest spot on Sesame Street. Parents’ panicked complaints about “too much cleavage” pushed the show’s producers to pull the future Mrs. Russell Brand’s kid-friendly version of her hit song “Hot N Cold.” I still don’t see what all the fuss was about, the girl’s got some serious curves – what did they expect her to wear, a turtleneck? After a week of commentary firing back and forth about the video, Perry finally nabbed a chance to speak her peace…well, sort of.

Saturday night’s premiere saw the return of SNL darling, Amy Poehler, and the talkshow sketch, Bronx Beat – basically two Bronx moms gabbing on a couch. Perry took the chance to step in as the show’s guest, Maureen DeChico, a teenager who really developed over the summer. (“Kaboom!”)

Like Perry, her spoof character is under fire for showing too much cleavage, but in this case she’s been reading to the kids at the local library and there’s been a “hullaballoo” about it. But unlike Perry’s performance with Elmo, Miss DeChico is really giving them a reason to be worried – she’s literally busting out of a deep cut Elmo t-shirt. If you take a look at the video of Perry’s intended guest spot on Sesame Street, she’s really dressed rather tamely and besides, “Who cares if kids are looking at boobs? Boobs feed babies.”

Source: NBC