‘Keeping Up with The Kardashians’ Recap: The Family Vacation

S6E10: This episode was all about feeling the family love. To celebrate Bruce and Kris’ 20th wedding anniversary, Bruce arranges for the whole Kardashian Klan to take a trip to Bora Bora. What should be thought of as a fun, relaxing trip of course turns into drama central (it wouldn’t be a real Kardashian episode if it didn’t). Kris suddenly hates her body and immediately makes a visit to the plastic surgeon in hopes of transforming into looking like her daughters before the big trip. This is also the first time the family will spend some quality one-on-one time with Kim’s boyfriend, Kris Humphries, but not everyone is that impressed with his sarcasm and blunt attitude — especially Kourtney. Kris also sees a different side of Kim, which has him questioning what the next 10 days of the vacation will be like. This is only just the beginning, my friend.

“I think the older I get, the more matronly I look.” – Kris

We start out the show with Lamar and Khloe in bed together discussing Khloe’s bowel movements, which was just plain awkward and unnecessary. Then Bruce announces to Kris that in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary, he’s planned for the whole family to take a trip to Bora Bora. Kris shows her appreciation (or lack there of) by complaining that she doesn’t want to be on a plane for that long and thinks they should just celebrate at their house. We of course discover later on during a little pow-wow she has with Kim and Kourtney that the real reason she is nervous about going is because she doesn’t want to be wearing a bikini in front of everyone and utterly hates the way she looks. This leads Kris to go see a plastic surgeon friend and discuss the possibility of getting a breast reduction (but keeping them still perky because she’s not dead yet) and a face lift. Once she finds out the recovery period for the surgery wouldn’t end by the time of the trip she decides to bail on the idea for now and just go back to being depressed.

Meanwhile, Kim visits some of her close friends in New York City and brings along her beau Kris Humphries. The initial meeting seems to go pretty well and ends with Kris jokingly putting a ring on Kim’s finger (foreshadowing!). Others don’t take as warmly to Humphries, however, when he blatantly tells Kourtney while on speakerphone that just because she has a kid and has no fun anymore doesn’t mean that she’s mature. Whether he was joking or not, it does not go over well with Kourtney who has yet to decide what to make of her sister’s new love interest. I smell a whole new batch of drama in the works.

“I can see him and I getting into it.” – Kourtney

Even though the gang is one Kardashian short (Khloe decids not to go since it seems to be an all couples trip and she didn’t want to go without Lamar), the rest of the gang packs up and heads to the airport. Kim and Kris make sure to pack on the PDA for the cameras in that annoying way that only brand new couples can do. Kris continues to get on Kourtney’s bad list by pointing out how little affection she and Scott show towards each other and even suggests that this trip could be a chance to rekindle the old flame. Scott fires back telling Kris they’ll see how much he and Kim want to touch each other in five years. I usually hate Scott, but I have to give him credit for this comment. Kris can act like he’s qualified enough to be dishing out love advice, but he actually has no idea, so it was nice to see Scott throw it back in his face. The poor guy will know soon enough (thanks to events this past weekend) what it will be like to be part of the Kardashian Klan.


Once they get to their suite, Kim freaks out about how big the place is and is upset that there are flowers all over the bed and immediately starts cleaning it all up. She also starts complaining about how hot it is and claims that she’s about to have a panic attack. Yes, because a huge presidential suite covered in beautiful flower pedals in a tropical paradise is enough to stress anyone out. The couple then decides to cool down by jumping into the ocean right from their deck where they jokingly pretend to push each other in. But it’s all fun and games until someone loses an earring. When Kris playfully throws Kim into the water, she initially comes up giggling, but then realizes one of her $75,000 earrings is missing and immediately starts crying and runs off in tears accusing Kris of being too rough. Kris acts so surprised to see that Kim is so high maintenance and doesn’t know how he’s going to get through the next 10 days of the trip. Oh Kris…he’s obviously never watched the show before.

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