Keira Knightley is Tinker Bell in New SyFy Mini Series

keira knightley tinker bellMove over Julia Roberts from Hook and that little cartoon Disney version of Tink, because the little pixie is getting a whole lot more British. Oscar-nominated actress and unfairly gorgeous human, Keira Knightley is slated to voice Tinker Bell in the new live-action Peter Pan prequel for SyFy.

The series will be four hours long and seems to be a bit like Oliver! at first, telling the tale of Peter and his band of pickpockets as they are lured to Neverland when their “mentor” Jimmy Hook enlists them to help him find a magical orb that takes them to the exciting new place. Peter and friends will navigate the new world, which though in nature is given an urban flair and a host of new characters that help the original story eventually fall into place. The series stars Rhys Ifans as Hook, Charlie Rowe as Peter and Anna Friel, Charles Dance, Bob Hoskins and Raoul Trujillo as some of the Neverland characters along the way. We’re not sure who Bob Hoskins plays, but I bet it’s Smee…again. Really, who else could he play?

Source: Deadline