Keith Olbermann on His Current TV Firing: “I Screwed Up Really Big”

Keith Olbermann on LettermanKeith Olbermann is finally speaking up. And it’s about time. We weren’t getting nearly enough nonstop chatter from his Twitter feed in the wake of his firing from Current TV.

The ousted TV host stopped by the Tonight Show with David Letterman to share the real story, the one Current TV VP Al Gore doesn’t want us to know: it’s all Olbermann’s fault. Wait, what? 
“I screwed up. I screwed up really big,” he told Letterman. But don’t allow yourself to be too shocked. His seemingly humble admission is followed by an avalanche of blame-shifting. 
“If you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should probably have a house to put it in. Just walking around with a $10 million chandelier is going to do anybody any good and it’s not going to do any good for the chandelier,” he said. Guess who the ridiculously high-end chandelier is. 
Olbermann lambasted Current TV for having a shoddy work environment, claiming the electricity went out and his car service stopped, all because the execs hadn’t paid their bills. He went on to add that they expected him to host a TV show when his doctor ordered him to stay silent for a week to rest his ailing throat. Suddenly, this isn’t a dispute between an anchor and his ex-network; it’s a bad rerun of The People’s Court and Olbermann is the wailing ex-girlfriend. 
It’s just too bad Gore couldn’t be there to deliver the appropriate “Judge, she’s just crazy” rebuttal.


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