Keith Olbermann Tells Letterman He’s in Favor of Occupy Wall Street Protests

The Late ShowKeith Olbermann paid a visit to The Late Show to discuss the Occupy Wall Street prostest with David Letterman. Both expressed a fondness for the idea of protest, and an appreciation for the sentiment being illustrated by the groups and individuals in New York’s Zuccotti Park. Obviously, not everyone shares this opinion on the matter. Letterman quoted Rush Limbaugh as referring to the protestors as “human debris,” while Olbermann listed all of the unfounded accusations with which the activists are being labeled, incluidng racism, anti-Semitism, and involvement in a radical Muslim fundamentalist movement. 

In response to the criticism that the protestors are “unfocused” in their goals, Olbermann stated, “I like the idea that there isn’t that set of demands, because I’d get very suspicious…the thing started thirty-eight days ago, in New York. If they had all the answers already, I’d be worried about where the answers came from.”

Olbermann also clarified what he believes the true message of the movement to be: “It’s not an anti-money thing. It’s not even an anti-capitalism thing. After you have capitalism, don’t let the people who have money put their thumb on the scale and get all the benefits from it.”

Watch the full conversation from The Late Show: